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Ultimus Fortuna

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What is Ultimus Fortuna?

Ultimus Fortuna is a game demo created in Unity using 3D models built in Rhino.‘Ultimus Fortuna’ means the Final Chance of Hu- mantiy. After years of human polluting the Moth- er Earth, ecological system is destroyed and virus has raged for decades. Society is no longer in existence after human fighting over the limited living resources. Civilization has finally come to its end... Only the powerful energy crystals are able to resotred the whole planet. Out of the three energy crystals, there is only one crystal left. The character sets his aim to find the energy crystal and save the Earth.

Project scope & Team size

Ultimus Fortuna was a class project and was completed within 3 months, and we have 2 people in the team.

Structure of the scene

The whole scene was created with unity and each element was created in Grasshopper. The scene contains three separated building structures, the energy crystal hubs, which store one energy crystal inside each one of them.

3D Modelling

截屏2020-10-12 上午1.01.42.png
截屏2020-10-12 上午1.02.02.png
截屏2020-10-12 上午1.02.44.png
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