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The Neon Museum is a Collection of Neon installations built within Blender2.8

Neon signs are glass tubes filled with neon or other rarefied gas. Neon signs were widely used in major cities from the 1920s up to now(Mary, 2019). De Miranda thought neon lighting was an icon of the 1900s and he said in his introduction of the book Being and Neonness: “When we hear the word ​neon​, an image pops into our heads: a combination of light, colors, symbols, and glass. This image is itself a mood. It carries an atmosphere. It speaks ... of the essence of cities, of the poetry of nights, of the 20th century.” (De Miranda, 2019).The fabrication intricity and the color variation of the sign makes them into a form of art.

Blender was used to create all the objects
截屏2020-06-02 上午2.30.11.png
The Collection of Neon installations



the Neon tube installation




"China is Hard to See"

The Video was made to demonstrate the sense of space of the neon museum
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