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What is Spaulder?

Spaulder is a hybridization of the two topologies made with rhino and grasshopper, with the flower petals as base pieces and urchin spines as ornaments. The hybridization of the two typologies produces a strong, defensive shoulder armour.

From Basic Forms into Complex 3D model
截屏2020-06-02 上午2.58.58.png
截屏2020-06-02 上午2.59.11.png
截屏2020-06-02 上午2.59.23.png
截屏2020-06-02 上午2.59.58.png
Final renders of Spaulder
截屏2020-06-02 上午2.56.28.png
截屏2020-06-02 上午2.56.37.png
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