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What is Sounzzingo?

A tailored training program designed for children age between 6-8 with Auditory Processing Disorder to train auditory associated skills through various fun games. 

What makes Sounzzingo unique?

- Customizable settings

- Storing and Providing feedbacks of       performance

- Targeting the 5 symptoms associated with APD(Morlet, 2014) in a Kid-friendly way

Project scope & Team Size

Sounzzingo was completed as a class project in a 3 months period, and we have 3 people in our team.

Roles & Responsibilities

Conducted the background research & user research

Designed and prototyped Sounzzingo

Did the usability testing

Create a tailored fun training App for early school age children with Auditory Processing Disorder
截屏2020-06-01 下午5.27.25.png
A storyboard helps us to identify key moments in the experience of  both the Parents & the children
Low-Fidelity Prototype was created for the team to identify design related problems and allowed the team to perform 1st round user testing
截屏2020-06-01 下午12.32.33.png
Free PSD Four iPad Pro Mockup.png
High-Fidelity Prototype was created for 2nd round user testing to encourage useful stakeholder feedback 
The 5 Games were designed based on the 5 main auditory problems associated with Auditory Processing Disorder

The verbal math problem was chosen to be the task as a way of training the higher level auditory cohesion skill, which allows children with APD to better drawing information form conversations.


The basic addition and subtraction within 20 was chosen to meet our target users’ math capability.

Game 1


‘Lisa has six apples, she ate one, how many apples does she have left?’

This game trains auditory attention. User will hear a dialogue and choose the correct answer base on the question

Game 2


‘Today is Dora’s birthday. She is so excited to celebrate her birthday in the zoo with her family.’

‘Where is Dora celebrating her       birthday?’ 


Short-term auditory memory is trained in this game. A prompt auditory instruction would be given to the children and the children would need to memorize the auditory instruction to complete the task.

Game 3


Select the correct sequencial order of the color they heard

Users will choose the representative picture of the words they heard to practice discrimination of the similar sounds.


Game 4


Coat & Boat(IPA - ɔ:)

Aural Figure-Ground task was chosen to be the task for the children with APD, which the figure is very different from the ground. Children with APD should not confuse the two, instead they could practice to keep focus with noise being played in the background.

Game 5


Animal sounds with noisy background being played

‘Please listen carefully and choose the animal you just heard’

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